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It seems strange to point it out; it seems completely obvious. But it’s worth noting that without hard working families applying for our programs, NOAHH would not exist. If no one had the courage and determination to step forward, the first-time homebuyer’s program would have no homebuyers to serve. This fundamental part of our program is important to consider, because it reflects not only the importance of our partner families, but also how our program works. NOAHH relies on partner families to keep our mission going strong.

Our mission is built into the financing of homes, in that every 0-percent interest mortgage paid by our partner families goes directly back into building more homes. It’s built into the advocacy aspect of our mission, the impetus to make affordable housing a matter of conscience, because our partner families are our greatest advocates–word of mouth brings more partner families to our programs better than any advertisement, tabling event, or online blog post. It’s built in to our construction program, our volunteer experiences, and our ReStore, in that partner families earn sweat equity alongside our supporters on the build site and in the store. Their chance to share and bond with our supporters is key to making real to supporters the need for affordable housing. And it is built into our own motivations, whether on staff, on the Board, as AmeriCorps, as volunteers, as donors. We do this for our partner families.

Thanksgiving is a time for families, and so we feel it is fitting that we take this opportunity to thank our partner families for their hard work as volunteers and advocates, for the inspiration they provide, and for their courage in working their way to homeownership. We thank all of our supporters, volunteers, partners, and donors for helping them with their dream, and we thank you all for your commitment to the mission to end poverty housing in New Orleans.

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