Williams Home Dedication

wms fam ded1
Family and friends gathered with NOAHH staff, AmeriCorps, and volunteers to celebrate the dedication of Glen Marie Williams’ new home in New Orleans East, bringing the traditional symbolic gifts and a warm welcome to her new home.

Williams lived in the Desire Projects for 40 years before she discovered NOAHH, raised by a single mother who worked two jobs to take care of her kids.

wms fam ded2

She learned of the program from her cousin Karen, who was already a NOAHH homeowner, and she spent her time in the program telling everyone she knew about it. After months of hard work, she finished her sweat equity and moved on to the process of closing on her newly finished home. As she stood on her porch with her family, she fought back strong emotions. Her new home means a place for her granddaughter to play and a place for her whole family to gather, and she is looking forward to a new journey in her life as a homeowner. “