Welcome Home

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Home. Where the smells are familiar, the pots and pans are well scuffed and an empty front stoop is a sign that says: Welcome. – Chris Rose, author of 1 Dead in Attic

To commemorate the tenth anniversary of Hurricanes Katrina and Rita, NOAHH is sharing stories from our partner families about their experiences after the storms and about the meaning of “home.” As Chris Rose says, “the most powerful four letter word in the English language is home.” The stability and comfort that a home brings to its owner is what gives the word such power.

Sometimes you want your own private personal space. That is a home. Relax and do what you want. Decorate the way you want. Make it your own. – Lynn Breaux, NOAHH Partner Family

In the aftermath of the storms, the loss of hundreds of thousands of homes meant hundreds of thousands of families lost the stability and comfort that the word “home” resonates with.

Home is where you can come and feel comfortable. You are blessed. You have that house in a good neighborhood and you have homeowners around you. We all look out for each other. That is home. – Sheila Nogess, NOAHH Partner Family

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