Volunteer Spotlight: Carmel Guitterez

Carmel Guitterez began volunteering for New Orleans Area Habitat for Humanity a few months ago, but her 10 years with Habitat for Humanity started with simple curiosity.

“I heard about the organization, and it meant so much to me,” Guitterez said. “I just like the concept. The fact that people were buying homes with no-interest loans and they were able to get out of situations that were really very negative.”

Without fail, Guitterez volunteers for the ReStore once a week. Even when she had car troubles one morning, she arrived for work after taking a public bus.

Guitterez said her first exposure to NOAHH was on the job site. She and her supervisor were building footings. At the end of the day, Guitterez had to throw out her shoes from the work.

“But it felt so good,” Guitterez said. “It just felt so good.”

NOAHH extends gratitude and appreciation to Guitterez for her time and dedication to the organization.