Unity Build 2019

Unity Build, which spanned every weekend in October, brought together 15 different congregations from all over the New Orleans area. These groups have different backgrounds and different practices, but they all found they shared the same mission.

“People from different backgrounds, different faiths, different races all working together for a common good and cause is great,” said Andrew Crosby of First Baptist Church.

This year, the home was built for and with Latonya Toomer, a food technician with a local nonprofit. She and her 13 siblings were raised by her father, who taught her about hard work.

“This whole thing just makes me feel wonderful, because all of these people are out here for me,” she said. “To God be the glory, I’m thankful.”

Through Unity Build, churches, synagogues, temples, and mosques hope to inspire people with their work.

“Some people don’t think they can ever own a home,” said Sue Bonseigneur of Household of Faith Family Worship Church. “To see other people come out from the community and help them to accomplish their goal is truly a blessing. I think it gives people a sense that people still care.”

Hal Levkowitz of Shir Chadash was excited about his synagogue’s first year with the build. He felt a sense of unity building with other congregations.

“It’s great just to be able to participate in helping others as one community,” he said.

Pastor Torin T. Sanders of Sixth Baptist Church talked about why his church returned to the build for their third year.

“A lot of people talk about their faith but we encourage people to walk their faith,” he said. “Faith without works is dead, as the Bible says. It’s what you get more than what you’re giving, because you get a lot out of when you see the faces of the families.”

Our Unity Build 2019 Partners

First Baptist New Orleans
Franklin Avenue Baptist Church
Greater New Orleans
Unitarian Universalists
Household of Faith
Family Worship Church
John Calvin Presbyterian Church
Lakeview Presbyterian Church
Rayne Memorial United Methodist Church
Shir Chadash
Sixth Baptist Church
St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church
St. Charles Avenue
Presbyterian Church
St. Paul’s Episcopal Church
St. Pius X
Trinity Episcopal Church