Two New Homes in New Orleans East

Friday, March 20, student volunteers, NOAHH staff, and the Kennedy family gathered at Tamika Kennedy’s new home in New Orleans East to celebrate the final milestone on Tamika’s road to homeownership. A week later, Friday, March 27, the Harris family joined Quenetria “Que” Harris at her home a few blocks away, coming together to honor the completion of a home that had seen major donors and convention groups, student volunteers and individuals over the course of its construction.

Home dedications are the highlight of the NOAHH program, when every part of the organization’s mission comes together to share a moment of achievement with our partner families. Volunteers from student groups around the country joined each dedication while on their spring breaks, taking part by presenting the ceremonial gifts to the families. Their contribution to the construction of homes throughout New Orleans is crucial to the NOAHH program, as their voluntary efforts make it possible to provide the no-interest mortgage that is at the heart of NOAHH’s homeownership program.

As Tamika and Quenetria separately spoke to the volunteers and staff, each one offering gratitude and their vision for their new homes. These homes mean stability and safety for both partner families, as well as a legacy for their children. None of this would be possible without the help of so many generous donors and volunteers.