The NOLA Home Makers: Women Build Profile

It poured.

Flash flood warnings, lightning, wind, rain. It didn’t stop them.

“We said we were gonna be her for the day,” said Vesta Fort of the NOLA Home Makers. And so the team stayed, moving their work indoors.

For safety reasons, the volunteers had to focus on different tasks during the downpour, but they remained committed to working hard on site to help build Kina and Brittani’s homes for Women Build 2018. The NOLA Home Makers were all friends and acquaintances of Jill Dupré of Jill Dupré Design.

“The best part of today was getting here all together,” said Jill. “And meeting the other team. I know a lot of the other ladies. It was fun to see them all.”

“I do think it’s extra special because it’s a bunch of women,” said Lynn Marsh. “This group is a very educated, strong group of women. We’re having a good time, working out who does what, figuring out what we can and can’t do together.”

For some on the team, it was about proving something.

“I feel like it’s important for us to have our kids, our brothers, our parents, our husbands, and our sisters seeing us doing this, to prove that we actually came out here and did all this,” said Rebecca Finger.

As an interior designer, Jill had some experience with working on homes, especially renovations, but there were new things to learn.

“Flooring was exciting,” said Jill. “I never laid this kind of flooring before, so it’s always fun to learn something new.”

They learned more than just how to do each task.

“I learned it’s very hard to hammer through concrete siding,” said Lynn. “I learned measure and measure again. And then maybe measure again. I think we’re all learning a lot about our strengths and weaknesses.”

The build had an impact on the volunteers, making it clear why a little storm couldn’t keep them away.

“It feels really great to be able to give back to people, especially the women who will be living in these two houses,” said Rebecca Finger. “To be able to help them in a real, meaningful way, it feels fantastic. I feel very fortunate to be able to help them.”

“It’s people coming together to help each other,” said Rebecca Rebouche. “Whether it’s men or women or both, I feel like it’s just humanity at our bestIt’s being team players and giviong time and learning from it. It helps you, too, most of all. It helps everybody, no matter who it is.”

“It will be great to be here on [dedication day],” said Jill. “I was here the first day, too, so I put up the first wall. It’s come a long way.”