Thanksgiving 2020: The Meaning of Home

When you have to spend every minute of your day in your home, the meaning of “home” evolves.

Families across the United States found that home had to become a work space, a school, and more when the pandemic hit. Those who were able to stay at home found that it meant sanctuary for them from a disaster none of us could have imagined. Those who had to work, our frontline workers who risked so much, found the comfort of home meant even more when the world became so much more dangerous.

Home means clean, running water; your own space away from the world; and a place to take off the mask. Having refuge from the worries of the world has meant so much more this year.

For many trying to celebrate their holidays safely, home will mean visiting through video-calls. It will mean new ways of staying connected. The importance of family and home have become all too clear as we have been forced to remain physically distant.

This year, we are grateful for our homes, and for your support in our mission to build affordable homes here in New Orleans. New Orleans was one of the first U.S. cities to be hit with COVID-19, and it became immediately clear that we had to find new ways to continue serving our community. Through it all, though, we have continued to build. We are grateful that this year, we have been able to complete 14 new single-family homes. Today, one family, the Waltons, are moving into their new home to celebrate the holidays as homeowners for the first time.

We are grateful for being able to serve our city, for our partner families who continue to work toward their goals of homeownership, and for everyone who has supported us through this.

Thank you.