Taste Buds Management on Site

There is a small community growing in part of New Orleans East along Dwyer Road. A few Habitat homes have already been built nearby, and now half a dozen are starting to go up in a row there. The first few homes are already under way, and on a pleasant January morning, volunteers from Taste Buds Management were on site to help out in the early stages of these new homes. Ashley Rosenberry, who helps lead Taste Buds’ program Community Buds, spoke about why they were out on site.

“Our owners Greg, Hans, and Gary are passionate about being involved in the community and giving back,” said Ashley. “One of the things we wanted to do with this build was get involved.”

Their morning on site saw a great deal of progress. They helped put the blue foam outer insulation on the home of Niquia Hayward, one of NOAHH’s newest partner families. She has been working hard on her sweat equity hours and will soon be working on her own home. By the end of the morning, the Taste Buds volunteers had the house wrapped, adding another layer of protection from weather before siding goes up. Despite their inexperience, the volunteers enjoyed their time on site.

“We were putting up the blue foam and then we just finished wrapping it,” she said “So we’ve been nailing that in. It’s a lot of fun. We’ve done some volunteer work. This is definitely the most hands on. It’s cool to be able to see what you’ve been doing finally come together. I’ve learned I’m really bad with a hammer and nails, but it’s okay. I would definitely do it again.”

Taste Buds manages Semolina and Zea Restaurants. Their volunteer day brought workers from all over the city together.

“We actually have some people from different restaurants here, so it builds camaraderie within the company,” she said.

In May, many of the women of Taste Buds will be joining Community Buds leader Theresa Hayes on a Women Build team, joining the all-woman blitz build for a day of building on the home of one of two hard working New Orleans women and their families.

“I think Women Build’s awesome,” she said. “We’re planning on decorating hard hats, making them all glittery, so it’s gonna be pretty cool. Theresa and a group of friends started that and got the rest of us involved.”