Woolridge Family

My name is Laquinta Woolridge and I was born and raised in New Orleans, Louisiana.  I have one handsome son, named Carnell Woolridge, who is 10 years old and three beautiful daughters, named Riya Batiste, 8 years old; Jordyn  Collier, 6 years old and Imani Johnson, 3 years old.

I have always worked in the hospitality industry. Presently I am a cashier at Popeye’s Fried Chicken, where I work long hours. I always wanted to become a homeowner and I did not know how to “go about it.”  Rent as well as property in general are increasing  tremendously in the area.

I was very fortunate, when I heard about NOAHH. My cousin told me she applied and was approved so I thought about “giving it a try.” To my surprise, I was accepted into the Habitat program for First Time Homebuyers.

I can’t thank enough  the organization, as well as the employees, volunteers, my family, friends and most important God for allowing me to be in this fabulous program.

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