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Hi my name is Cecille Weathersby. I’m from New Orleans, LA.  I was born here and so were my kids. My family lived here until Hurricane Katrina hit. Then everyone split up and went separate ways.  My kids and I traveled a bit to different places like Texas, Pennsylvania, Chicago, St. Louis, then back to Slidell, LA, until we finally came back home to New Orleans.

I started working at my job at Mother’s Restaurant after I graduated out of High School.  I enjoy working there, meeting all kinds of different people.

I have three kids. Alanna Weathersby, she’s twenty years old. My middle is Queenshe’ba O’Conner, she’s thirteen. And my last born is Israel Weathersby, he’s twelve years old.  My kids are my life, and I will do whatever it takes to provide for them.  Ever since my first born, I have been doing my best, and I learn something every day, either from them or someone else.  I thank God for my kids, they are a true blessing, and I love them with all my heart.

This house is very important to my family and me because it’s well-needed.  The house that we stay in now is not right. In the summer, it’s hot as hell, and in the winter it’s freezing like we live outdoors.  Stuff is falling apart, coming loose, and we got to wait until they ready to come fix it.  I’m just tired of not having my own so now I can say I own my own house, now I can call it home.

I just want to take this time and thank Habitat for Humanity for helping me get out of debt, and I’ve learned how to volunteer my services to get what I want.  After I get my house, I would like to continue to volunteer my services since I really enjoy myself.  I appreciate everything that I had to go through to get our new house, now we have a house to call Home.  Thanks again, we can’t wait to move in and enjoy our New Home.  Thank y’all so much Habitat for Humanity.

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