Washington Family

It was during March 2013 when we first met. Joe was a cashier and Amy was a customer at Winn-Dixie. We became good friends over the   months then in October we started dating. Ever since then we became very close. Going through a hard time in our lives made us stronger as a couple.

The next year on November 13th 2014 we got engaged we tied the knot on December 13th 2014. Joe  pick the date of course because he thought it was cool 12/13/14. Hopefully he will never forget our anniversary.

In January we moved into our apartment. Shortly after we found out we are expecting our baby. Living in a one bedroom apartment the space will be tight for the three of us. That’s when we decided that the house will be perfect for our growing family.

Amy’s mom told us about habitat. The process was quick and easy for us.Habitat does more than building houses. It teaches us how to work with others and build a safe community. This was the best decision we made for our family and we are happy we chose Habitat for Humanity.

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