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My name is Latonya Toomer, and I know I am special and there’s no one else out there like me…so enjoy!

I was born in New Orleans on October 11, 1976. I had a very simple and different childhood. My father raised me and I have 13 siblings, 3 brothers and 10 sisters. I am the mother of 4 girls, who are Katrina Toomer (19), Brian Hawkins (18), Skylar Hopkins (12) and Anastasia Hopkins (12). I am also a grandmother of 1 child. My two older daughters are out of the house but my two younger ones are still in school at Langston Hughes and Warren Eastern and are soaring Eagles.

Like my dad, I am a hard working person. I am currently employed with Kingsley House as a Food Tech. Actually, I started working there through a temporary agency, until I became their employee, 3 years ago.  I lived in Durham, North Carolina for one year before I came back to New Orleans.  The transition of moving back was very hard but it is done and I am happy about it!

Becoming a homeowner has been always a goal of mine as I want to have something for my kids. Family time is so important to me. I am so fortunate that I found out about New Orleans Area Habitat for Humanity. I applied for the First Time Homebuyer’s Program with this organization after I attended one of their presentations at the New Orleans East Library. It was a process and I sure had to so some “homework”, but it was worth the time as I am on the road to homeownership. “Thank you NOAHH, from the bottom of my heart!”

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