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I moved from Oklahoma to New Orleans a couple of times during my life. I have overcome many obstacles in my relocation here to this great city, which I now love to call my home. As difficult it has been to move from one city to another, I have overcome many challenges: unaffordable housing, going through marital separation, and finding a way to make it financially on my own.  At first my work wasn’t as stable as I wanted; now I have been employed with Rouse’s for six years.

I find my determination and willingness to succeed in life through my parents, Emitt Tidwell Jr  and Anita Tidwell. My father, who passed away June 2013, showed me that I could achieve anything I put my mind to. My mom always said, “Can’t could never do anything.”  And I was the child never told not to do it.  Because I was the first born who would show you it could be done.

At one time sometime told me I would not be able to make it happen here. God leads and directs our paths in life. Living in New Orleans, I am proud to say there are wonderful friends here who are like my family.

I thank Habitat for Humanity for the opportunity of Home Ownership which would be unavailable to me. Habitat is changing lives everywhere and making a difference with affordable, safe and decent housing. I appreciate all the hard work and the dedication of the staff at Habitat. Home Ownership means to me having a place to call my own, and a special place to have family and friends to visit.


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