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Hello. My name is Jeremy Perique, and I was born and raised in New Orleans. I am 23 years old. I have a loving family, which includes my fiancé, Ariel Brown; my beautiful daughter Jamyri Perique; and my unborn daughter who we will welcome September 1, 2013.

I attended Nunez Community College, and I majored in Computer Info Systems. I was two classes away from receiving my certification but was forced to dropout to support my fiancé with our first born (Jamyri) so she (Ariel) could continue her studies. By doing so, I experienced my first lesson as an adult called “sacrifices”. I decided to hold back on my dream of becoming a computer technician in order to give my family a better life. I worked two jobs, day and night to save money for our first home. But when my fiancé announced she was pregnant again, I knew I had to make our dream happen faster than I thought. The pressure was on.

So I decided to look for help. I found New Orleans Habitat. It was like love at first sight. I was endeared to the fact that I would be helping others reach their goal of homeownership as I try to obtain mine. This home will be a huge step, and a new beginning for my family, as I try to provide a better life for them. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to help others as I strive for a better life.

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