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My name is Humberto and I moved to New Orleans years ago. I fell in love with this city as soon as I arrived – the culture, the history, the people, the unique way of a welcoming feeling that you get when you arrive here it is AMAZING!

I am a limousine driver and I am in contact with tourists every day. They all say the same thing, as they come to New Orleans and have a great time. They love the people here.

I have lived in many different places but New Orleans is my favorite place in the United States. I decided to settle my roots  in this city and Habitat for Humanity has given me the a great opportunity to fulfill this dream. I would not be able to buy a house here on my driver’s salary. I am really grateful for this opportunity.

“When the house is ready and after I move in, I am going to try to bring my daughter and my grandkids to live with me. This opportunity is going to change my life and I am very happy for it.”


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