Mullens Family

My name is Cyntrell Mullens and I was born and raised in New Orleans.  I am currently employed at a local clinic  as a patient access representative. I have one beautiful daughter, whose name is Mailliw, and a fiancé, William. During Hurricane Katrina I had to leave New Orleans with my family. We went to Baton Rouge, Louisiana and returned back to N.O in 2008.

My parents purchased their new home a few months before Hurricane Katrina and they were fortunate enough to have flood insurance. Their decision helped us drastically during that horrific time. We had nothing but each other and had to rebuild their home.

I want the same security for myself and my family. With the price of rent steadily increasing, I am more than happy to have been introduced to NOAHH. My cousin and her fiancé are HABITAT partner families.

I have been over joyed with the service since the first day I applied. NOAHH is giving me the stepping stone to finally plant my seed and watch it flourish.

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