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My name is Tyrone Morgan. I grew up in the Greater New Orleans Area and attended Dryades YMCA for middle school and McDonogh 35 for high school.  Hurricane Katrina relocated me and my family during my junior year in high school.  Our home was in terrible condition and starting over was tough on my family.  Through prayer and love we slowly rebuilt; and not only was our home’s foundation stronger, but our family’s foundation was just as strong.  Because of Katrina I saw how much family and home meant to us. That’s why this opportunity with Habitat for Humanity was so important to me and my own family.

I set out a personal goal to raise my kids in a comfortable situation for them with love and values. My son is an energetic kid who shows so much charm and charisma at an early age.  I’m truly blessed to have a son who is so ahead of his time.  My daughter is my best friend.  She has the biggest heart I’ve ever seen in a kid.  She’s a complete copy of her mother, who herself is so loving and strong.  I’m so blessed to be surrounded by a group of amazing people.  This is truly a blessing from God and I’m thankful for Habitat for Humanity and all the volunteers I’ve met during my partnership.

Without the program, owning a home seemed impossible.  But with their help, families like mine are able to obtain a new home and start a new beginning.  Owning a home is very important to me because I want to pass it on to my kids.  It’s something we could keep in the family and pass on over the years.  From the bottom of my heart I thank everyone at the Habitat offices, ReStore, and on the building sites for their patience, hard work, and professionalism.

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