Montoya Family

God bless you. My name is Pedro Montoya. I’m married with three children. I was born in Honduras and I immigrated to this country in 2001. I began working in construction and then I worked at the Union Supermarket. When Hurricane Katrina hit, many of us were out of work.
In February 2008, I brought my wife and my youngest son who live with me, leaving two of my children in Honduras. My dream was to have our own home. Thank goodness I found Habitat and they offered to help us. My dream has come true.

God bless all those who are associated with Habitat. The friendly and supportive staff is second to none. God has given them the opportunity to help people like my family who need a place to live and to become homeowners. I thank God for what He does through Habitat. Bless all those who build the houses, it feels good to work with them and be one of them. God Bless Habitat.

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