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I am very thankful to be a part of Habitat for Humanity. I got into this program for my daughter. I wanted her to have her own room and her own space. Right now we rent from a friend and share a room. I am not from New Orleans. I have lived here nine years and I work as a teacher’s aide. My daughter is six and she was born here. I am thrilled that she will now have the opportunity to stay and be raised in this city. She is the most outgoing person I know. She loves to sing, dance, and perform. She makes art. Thank you for making this home for her.

Growing up, conversations about my family owning a house could have been lifted line by line from an Arthur Miller play. Home ownership was something argued about again and again, but there were few options for low-income working families then and now. So again, let me say how thankful I am for Habitat and their staff and volunteers. I also need to thank all the friends who have let me rent a couch, room, and floor space over the last 17 years. I cannot wait to post a photo of my daughter and myself in front of our house in April.


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