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My name is Kim Landry. I have 2 handsome sons Zyon (13) and Zen (11). I was born and raised down the road in St.Bernard Parish. I graduated from St.Bernard High School in 2000. At 17 years old I hit the road, traveling across the country. I came back home to give birth to Zyon in 2002. I rented my first apartment in the Marigny. Eventually the road was calling me again so I bought a school bus and converted it into a home. My son and I hit the road again always returning back home to New Orleans to visit family. I made homemade soaps and jewelry and would set up in different towns selling my wares. It was definitely always an adventure. We returned home in 2004 so I could give birth to Zen. We were renting an apartment in the Bywater. I was working as a waitress until I was 8 and a half months pregnant. Two weeks after Zen was born I lost the apartment. We were couchsurfing for a while. I returned to work within 4 weeks of having my baby. Saved up enough money to buy a van. We hit the road again for a few months, eventually coming back home to New Orleans. Once back home we lived out of our van and would occasionally stay with friends or family. When Katrina hit we were renting a room in the 8th ward with some friends. We eventually relocated to Denver, Colorado for 10 months after the storm. I got an awesome job at a comedy club where I met some really great people. I decided to come back home to New Orleans after 10 months. I was homesick. I ended up getting a job at King Roger’s Seafood where I worked for 2 years before it closed down.

In 2009 I received my doula training to be a doula. I am currently self employed as a doula and a placenta encapsulator. I have owned my business Full Moon Rising Birthing Services since 2010. I am also a part of a doula collective called Nola Nesting. In 2013 I moved to Asheville, NC to attend a midwifery training from the Matrona. I moved back home in 2014 and travelled back and forth to complete my training. I graduated in Sept 2014 with a Midwifery Arts Degree with Honors in Holistic Midwifery. My goal is to be a practicing homebirth midwife. As for my boys they are well traveled and keep me on my toes daily. Zyon plays lots of sports and attends KIPP Leadership Academy. Zen also keeps me busy and attends Encore Academy. Both boys are really excited about having their own rooms. I can’t thank NOAHH enough for this opportunity to be a home owner. Also want to give a shout out to N.D.F for their 1st time homeowner’s classes. I learned so much valuable information from them. I certainly did not see this in my future 13 years ago. It’s a good feeling to know that I will be able to extend my roots to my children and my future grandchildren in the city that I love.

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