King Family

Hi, my name is Ashley King and I’m married to my awesome husband Terrence King Sr.  We have 5 handsome sons : Gregory, Terrence Jr., Ter’Ronce, Jeremyah & Jaceon.  We are expecting our first princess, Hay’leigh Mo’Riyah King in August 2015.  It still feels like a dream but she will complete the King family.  Terrence and I have been New Orleanians all of our lives.  Due to Hurricane Katrina, we had to relocate to another sate but when everything got better we came back home.  We have always wanted to become homeowners.  Terrence and I didn’t want to rush into becoming homeowners so we decided to be patient and watch God work.  We set and waited patiently, we watched God work like we said we would and God started showing us that he will do just what he said he would do.  God sent us a sign through a great friend of ours.  That sign read “Habitat for Humanity.”

Terrence and I decided to partnership with Habitat after seeing and hearing about all the great opportunities they had to offer our family.  The Kings are so excited and thankful for the new home that God has blessed us with.  If we had 10,000 tongues, we still couldn’t thank God enough for all of his many blessings and opportunities.  We would also like to thank Habitat for Humanity for approving and partnering with our family.  We couldn’t have done it without you all.  I, Ashley King, along with my family can honestly say that everything we have always prayed and asked God for is falling into place.  We will continue to keep God first because without him we are nothing.  God is worthy of all the glory, honor and praise for all that he has done, all that he is doing and all that he has in store for us even when we are not deserving of his blessings.  Now that our family is complete and we have a home to call our own, we will love to continue to be loved, we want our lives to continue to be filled with lots of peace, happiness and blessings.  If God is for us who can be against us?

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