Kellett Family

My name is Maggie Kellett and my husband, Dale, and I have lived in New Orleans since we were children. We married 19 years ago and currently we are raising two great children in this beautiful city.

We have lived in many different neighborhoods in New Orleans, from the Marigny and Bywater to Bayou St.John and Gentilly and a few in-between.

We are artists by trade, this how we have chosen to build and live our life. My husband, Dale, is a tattoo artist and I am a Piercer by trade. We also paint and play music ; Music, writing and art is a big part of who we are as a family. Aside from these, we love spending time outdoors, playing in City Park, traipsing through the quarter and exploring all the little hidden pockets of our city during our free time.

Over the past 12 years, we have spent time traveling around the U.S., practicing our art and enjoying the vast and different cultures within our own 50 states. But when it comes to life on a daily basis, no place offers better art, music, food or inspiration than New Orleans, which is why we always come home.

Habitat for Humanity’s program came at the right moment in our lives. With the rents continually rising, it was becoming more and more difficult to live in the city we loved. Partnering with Habitat For Humanity has helped us and others like us step into the role of homeowner, bettering ourselves and our neighborhoods.

Being able to provide something as big as a house for our little family, gives us great joy and thankfulness for the people out there working for the common good of everyone.

Every time we paint, sing or write within our walls, a little bit of that celebration belongs to Habitat for Humanity.


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