Habitat Success Stories

Jordan Family

My name is Meagan Jordan.  I was born in Houston, Texas, but was raised in New Orleans.  I am the middle of three siblings.  My brother Morgan is currently serving in the Navy, and my sister Danielle currently lives in New Orleans as well.  Growing up I worked hard in school and participated in extracurricular activities as a cheerleader.  My goal in life was to become a nurse so that I could help others.

After I graduated from McDonogh35 in 2003, I went to Northwestern State University to pursue my dream.  Because I missed home and my family, I returned to N.O. after my freshman year and decided to continue my education at home.  While at home, my education was interrupted in 2005 by the effects of Hurricane Katrina.  My family and I evacuated to Texas.  Our lives completely changed. We lost everything. While continuing my education in Texas, and trying to put our lives back to some semblances of normal, I soon found out that I was pregnant.

On June 20, 2007, my beautiful son Cy LeShawn Smith was born.  Once again my life changed dramatically, but this time it changed for the better.  I now had someone who totally depended on me for everything.  It was important to me that I make sure that I was able to take care of him and ensure that he had what he needed. In 2008, while most of my family had already returned home, my mother and I decided that it was time to go back home, so we moved back to New Orleans.

Since we’ve returned, my mother, son and I have lived together.  But it was always my goal to purchase a home for my son and myself, somewhere we could call our own and something I could leave as a legacy to my son. But it seemed that I would never be able to meet this goal being back home.  It was getting harder and harder to save or put money aside for a down payment.

Then last year, my best friend told me about New Orleans Area Habitat for Humanity and all that they could help me achieve finally became a reality. I saw what she was able to accomplish and even helped her achieve some of the hours that were required in the program. I started doing my own research after I saw what she was able to accomplish for her and her daughter on her own, and I decided that I could do the same for myself and my son.  I contacted them, and the rest is history, and my prayers have been answered.

My son Cy is now 9. He is a good student in school, an avid athlete that plays football, baseball, and basketball, depending on what time of the year it is.  His only wish is to have a place to call his own and a puppy, which is what I promised him he could have once we get in our new home and he keeps his grades up.

NOAHH has been a prayer answered and blessing that I richly deserve.  I continue to complete my hours and prepare for the completion of my house.  And I thank God every day that New Orleans Habitat accepted me and will help me reach my goal of becoming a homeowner.

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