Gurley Family

I want to own a home because at the age of 89, you can be a home owner and I am excited about becoming a home owner. Buying a house is more than just that, it is a place to lay your head, a place where food, family and fun happens and a place where family discuss family issues. What a dream come true.

Mary Melva Broussard

I am grateful for the opportunity to own our home, in order to enjoy it with each other and our grandkids. I see it as a place I can call my own, belonging to the world of home ownership and investing in the city of New Orleans.

Michael Lawry

Coming up as a child I was reared in a family-owned home. Good times and bad were had by the entire family. Since I’ve been an adult, I have not been financially able to provide a home for my one and only son to grow up in. Now that I have grandchildren, having a home of my own, I can afford them the opportunity to be able to come to grandmom’s house, play in the backyard and sleep over –that would be a dream come true for me.

Annette Gurley

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