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As a father, I feel obligated to ensure the future of my children is secure and owning a home is one step forward, providing a stable family foundation.

Growing up in New Orleans, Louisiana, in a house with 6 children was fun and stressful at times. My parents Leonard and Corliss Fruga, provided the best they could for us.  My father held a full time job as a bus driver for the city’s RTA (Regional Transit Authority), while my mom stayed home and cared for the children. My childhood was spent going fishing and hunting with my dad, and spending time with cousins at family functions, things were great for a while.

Being the eldest, not only taught me to be responsible but it also gave me the opportunity to see the effects of a two parent household vs. a single parent one.  The latter, is what I never want my children to experience. Following the divorce of my parents, I had to take on a greater role in the rearing of my younger siblings when my mom was forced to return to the working world.  The divorce forced us to lose stability; we had to move from a home owned by my parents and us six kids and my mom moving in with my grandma, who already shared a home with three other adults.  Needless to say it was a big adjustment.

When I turned 16, I took my first job as a file clerk with NOPD, having my own source of income and allowing me to alleviate some of the financial stress my mom was enduring.  From that point on, I worked any job I could find to maintain financial independence.

Last year I became a grandfather. My grandson, AJ is a handful. I am proud to have him in my life. My girlfriend LATASHA, the mother of my 3 beautiful daughters is my rock; once we have secured our home we will begin planning our wedding. I am excited by the prospect of having something tangible to leave our children and of course a big thank you to NOAHH for giving us the opportunity to  become FIRST TIME HOMEOWNERS.

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