Frazier Family

Hello! We are the Frazier Family. I am Mary Frazier the mother of 5 beautiful children. Gary, Jasmine, Kayun, Alaylia, Chynna. I am a single parent, so it does sometimes get hard.

We have lived here in New Orleans for over 15 years. Before Hurricane Katrina we lived as a loving family. We made sure that we helped and supported each other. Although, Katrina was devastating and I had to be separated from my children. I was hurt when I had to send my children to Mississippi while I remained in New Orleans and tried to reconstruct the place we call home. Today we remain a happy family.

Homeownership is a big step in anyone’s life. I’ve always wanted to live in a house I can call mine and now Habitat for Humanity have given me that chance. We are extremely happy and thankful for this great opportunity. We would like to say thanks to Habitat for Humanity’s staff, sponsors, and all the volunteers who have given their time and effort to make my family’s dreams come true.

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