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My name is Sandra Favors, and I am a First Time Homebuyer. I have always dreamed of being a homeowner. My two girls and I have always lived in an apartment. For a while, I had my two grandsons living with me in a one bedroom apartment. I have also been at my job for 5 years, no credit, and had no idea how to begin to look for a home. I knew you needed a down payment.

My grandsons enjoyed living with me because they loved the swimming pool in the complex, but it was not safe due to illegal activities. We actually locked ourselves in the apartment when we didn’t need to go outside. We will sit in the living room thinking on how we could get a safe home.

Habitat for Humanity! I knew it was God! So I began my research and called the organization. I was told my income was not enough, so I looked for a part time job and waited 7 months to apply. It has been a great journey even though we have to live through the pandemic and storms. I thank God for all the people at NOAHH working on and behind the scenes. Habitat made my dream come true!

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