Driscoll Family

Roy and Jessica moved to New Orleans in 2015, to join their growing group of friends and family.  There was already a large community of parents with similar interests. Roy and Jess were excited to become a part of it.

Jessica had lived in New Orleans from 2003-2006 and after Hurricane Katrina she decided to move  to Seattle. This is where her and Roy met and had their beautiful son Malaki.  In 2008, Malaki was born and in 2011, Roy and Jessica were married. They lived in the Seattle area for 9 years. At that time, they struggled to find affordable housing.  So when Jessica’s brother, Josh, announced he was having a son, they were excited about moving to New Orleans to be closer to family.

Josh had just bought a house in the Saint Roch neighborhood and had some space where they could move in. This space was a good starting point for the Driscoll family, but it was a bit cramped. A friend of theirs was moving out of a bigger place and the Driscoll family was ready to upgrade their living space. They had much more room but the rent was higher. They also found out that winter, that it was difficult to keep such a big place warm when there is no insulation.

They came to find out that there were many other families that had similar issues. After talking to some other parents, they discovered about the program Habitat for Humanity in NOLA offers. Now they are working hard with the Habitat family to buy a home of their own! Thank you to NOAHH!

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