Corne Family

My name is Pamela Corne. I have a son, William, and a daughter, Carly. I’m a single mom. We’ve always dreamed of owning our own home. Before Katrina I was blessed to have a 3 bedroom, 2 bath on a corner lot in St. Bernard. When we drove away we had 3 days of clothes and 5 people, plus a dog. That’s all we had to start our new life, and with lots of help from Louisiana, Arizona, and Texas, we made it. We came back to find 23 feet of water in our home. I was in love with all of my stuff and the photos and things that could not be replaced.

Thanks to God, my family, and Habitat, things are getting better a little at a time. We are a family and together, that was a hard task but nothing is impossible to get back as long as you have your loved ones around you. We are so grateful for the opportunity to own our own home again, so nothing seems impossible anymore.

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