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My name is Janell M. Cormier and I am a proud mother of three beautiful children- two girls, Taylor 8 yrs old, Chaste’ 6 yrs old, and my active son Keenan who is 3 yrs old. Me and my family have always lived in the New Orleans area, and always rented our homes. I always dreamed of becoming a homeowner. But didn’t have any knowledge on how to purchase a home. Until one morning on the city transportation bringing the kids to school. I saw an advertisement of the New Orleans Area Habitat for Humanity. First I ignored it for about three weeks. But it ran across my mind every single day. One night I went to bed saying I will call tomorrow. And I did the very next day. Then applied and was “accepted”. I was speechless when I received that phone call. I would’ve never believed that it would’ve been so educating and fast to build. I am extremely blessed for the opportunity to become a homeowner. Thank you so much New Orleans Area Habitat for Humanity for helping my family!!! –

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