Cooper Family

Hello, my name is Larry Cooper. I have lived in New Orleans my entire life, and have worked at Antoine’s Restaurant as a cook for 35 years. I was glad when my daughter called to tell me about Habitat for Humanity. I’ve always wanted a house for me and my family, and I’ve prayed and asked the Lord to bless me with a home of my own. I received a phone call saying that I was approved. I lost my wife 15 years ago and then lost everything in Hurricane Katrina. I lived in Atlanta after the storm and moved back home two years later. I love to volunteer as a cook at the homeless shelter associated with my church. I love to ride my bike most places including work and church; and enjoy working at the ReStore. I am so excited to own my very first home and have somewhere for my family, friends and grandkids to come and consider home thanks to Habitat for Humanity. I thank Renata and Anna for helping me make this possible.

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