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My name is Alysia, and I am 33 years old. I have 2 kids, and I am pregnant with my 3rd. My son Tyson is 9, and my daughter Vada is 6. Lily will be arriving any day now. I also have a few fur-kids. We have 2 rescue dogs, Shadow and Rufus, and a rescue cat named Darth Vader. I grew up outside New Orleans in Destrehan, and then I went to LSU. After finishing my degree and starting my family, I moved back to New Orleans in November of 2005 (right after Katrina). Now I am divorced and trying to make a better life for my kids.

My kids have never known what it’s like to have a room of their own, let alone their own house and their very own backyard. Everywhere we’ve lived they’ve always known that we were borrowing someone else’s house and that someday we would have to move again. It’s been my dream since Tyson was born to provide for them a house that was ours and not “borrowed.” A place where they could have birthday parties, or just have a friend over after school. My kids love playing sports and playing with the dogs, and it’s hard for us to do that now without having to drive to a park. I never thought I would be able to give them these comforts of having our own home because it would never be financially possible for me. I am low-income and live paycheck to paycheck, so it’s impossible for me to ever save money.

A dream that I’ve had for myself that I put on hold was to go to medical school, another dream that seemed permanently out of my reach because of my financial struggles. Since Katrina, rent prices have been really expensive. With as much as I’m having to pay in rent, I never had enough left over to put towards taking the MCAT and preparing to apply. Getting this house is going to change our lives in more ways than just the obvious. I will now be able to have enough financial freedom to pursue my dream of med school. None of these dreams would seem attainable without New Orleans Habitat or the volunteers that make Habitat a reality. Thank you to everyone involved for giving me the opportunity to make so many of my dreams for myself and my family a chance to come true.

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