Habitat Success Stories

Boehm-Middlebush Family

Before becoming a Habitat partner family, life was just a series of unanswered questions. Questions like where are we going to move to? Or can we stay in the neighborhood we love but might not be able to afford anymore? Can we even purchase a home of our own? With the new baby, the entire family had been feeling the frustration of our tiny house. We currently live in a two room shotgun with three girls, two dogs, Charles and myself. To say we we’re overcrowded is an understatement, and our growing family needed a change.

New Orleans Area Habitat for Humanity has become the answer to all our questions and more . Our family is so blessed to be given the opportunity to partner with this organization. Chloey Rei, 10, is excited to finally be moving into her own room. And she even earned some volunteer hours by receiving straight A’s on her report card. Phoebee, 3, can’t wait to move in so she can start decorating and painting her room in her favorite super heroes. Lastly, baby Adaline, 1, can’t really say it, but I think she’s going to appreciate the quiet during nap time.

Now that we’ve seen the floor plan our new home finally feels real. Charles has been working so hard between volunteer hours, balancing a full time job, and our family at home. It hasn’t been an easy road, but amazing opportunities never are. Not only will this partnership greatly improve our quality of life, but it also gives us a chance for independence we would have never been able to achieve on our own. I’ll never be able to put into words how grateful I am to New Orleans Area Habitat for Humanity, but I’ll start with a “thank you.”

Homeownership Program

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Home Repair Program

This program helps low-income, elderly, and or disabled homeowners who may struggle to manage necessary repairs on their own.