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Hi, my name is Pamala Adams and I am a Partner Family with New Orleans Habitat for Humanity. To give you a little information about me, I am a 34 year old native of New Orleans. I have lived in New Orleans my entire life, except for the one year I was forced out of my beloved city due to Hurricane Katrina.  I graduated from Walter L. Cohen High School and also studied at Dillard University. I am a single mother of three great kids.  My oldest daughter, Alana Adams, is my sensitive and loving child. My youngest daughter, Amari Adams, is my fun and energetic child.  To end my tribe, my only son, Avery Daliet is the MAN of the house. We have lived in the eastern part of New Orleans for the past eight years and really enjoy it.  What was a down side was the fact of having to locate adequate living accommodations.  We currently live in a two bedroom apartment that’s poorly maintained.  I was very frustrated with this and started looking for a way to change this. This is when my journey started with Habitat for Humanity.

I’ve looked into trying to purchase a home the traditional way, but the price was entirely too costly for a single parent like myself. One of my co-workers at University Medical Center, where I currently work full-time, e-mailed me a flyer about Habitat for Humanity. I decided to attend the seminar for First Time Homebuyers and have never looked back. I have learned so much being in the program and recommend it to everyone I come in contact with.  I actually set in my Homebuyers and Financial Fitness classes and gave the information to a fellow classmate.  She is now on her way to homeownership with the help of Ms. Emily Rhodes.

Habitat has been a tremendous God send to my family. I am now going to have my little piece of the pie and own my very first home. I’m hoping to show my kids the pride that exists in owning your own home.

Habitat for Humanity has been very informative and challenging at the same time.  From working in the ReStore and learning about different materials used to build and maintain a home, to actually helping with the construction.  I am very excited to help make my Partner Family dreams come true. I’m now following the footsteps that my mother and older sister have laid before me.  We all my have went through different channels, but the reward is still so sweet.  My family and close friends have been with me this whole journey.  Even though it’s coming to the end, I look forward to being able to give back and helping Habitat for Humanity in any way I can.

From the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!

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