Marriott has supported NOAHH families through gifts of time and money as well as helping to feed hundreds of volunteers during the 2015 AmeriCorps Build-A-Thon.

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Marriott Helps Raise the Walls on Covenant House Rental Home

Over 50 volunteers from Marriott Hotels throughout the city joined NOAHH on site today to raise the walls one of… Read more »

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Marriott Engineers Solve Problems

“They’ve gotten about three times as much done in an hour as some volunteer groups get done in a day,” observed… Read more »

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Ways to Give 2016

There are many ways to give back and be involved. Here is a list of some of NOAHH’s most dedicated… Read more »

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Women Build 2017

“I don’t put anything past women. I feel like you can do anything anybody else can do.” – Monica Grandpre,… Read more »

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Hammer and Heels: Marriott at Women Build

Few have given as much to NOAHH as our friends at Marriott. Whether it’s a crew of volunteers, helping with… Read more »

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