Safety Tips

In recognition of Halloween, NOAHH would like to cover a few safety tips from our friend George, who agreed to demonstrate the wrong way to do things on the build site. These tips are just friendly reminders from the expert on safety, and are not comprehensive safety rules for the work site. Remember: George is a professional. Do not try to emulate his example, but learn from it instead:

ladder safety

Safety tip #1: Ladders. Always have three points of contact with the ladder, making sure it’s firmly and flatly placed on the ground. Do not lean or hang off the ladder.

electrical safety

Safety tip #2: Electricity. Never mess with electrical outlets, especially in houses with live electricity. The results could be shocking.

dumpster safety

Safety tip #3: Dumpsters. Do not sit on the dumpster. When throwing something away, do so from outside the dumpster. Others might not see you as they throw things away, or you might fall. And it’s not particularly hygienic.


saw safety

Safety tip #4: Electrical saws. Always, always, always wear safety glasses when cutting. Do not secure the board you are cutting with your hand in the path of the saw. Before using any power tool, consult with your site supervisor first, even if you are experienced in the use of power tools. Make sure no one is in the path of the saw before using it.


power tool safetySafety tip #5: Power tools. Let us repeat–always consult with your site supervisor before using a power tool, even if you have experience with power tools. Handle all power tools with care and pay close attention to those around you.


roof safetySafety tip #6: Roof safety. Wear a harness when working on the roof, and never hang from the top of the roof. Be careful where you place tools while on the roof, as you might endanger those below. And make sure your shoes are tied anywhere on the work site, but especially on the roof. A fall on the roof is extremely dangerous.

Remember: Be safe out there, and have a Happy Halloween!