Robert Przygocki: An Amazing Volunteer

There are many ways to help NOAHH. Donating money to the affiliate or calling the ReStore to pick up used appliances, tables, chairs or office furniture are what might come to mind first. But some, like Robert Przygocki, give their time and energy as core volunteers.

Robert first learned about New Orleans Habitat through his wife Cheryl, a former NOAHH staff member. Now, he is recently retired. For Robert, retirement meant that he finally had time to do give back to the New Orleans community, the city he calls home. He decided to volunteer his time in the ReStore.

Robert was even more motivated when he learned that his former employer, ExxonMobil, donates $500 to NOAHH for every 20 hours that Robert works in the ReStore. ExxonMobil amplifies Robert’s gift of time by matching up to 80 hours a year or $2,000. For this very reason, Robert believes that all ExxonMobil retirees should get behind a cause they believe in.

Working in the ReStore is the perfect fit for Robert. He said, “I can make my own hours and work as often as I want.” From the store customers, he learns about the community of New Orleans and gets to know the people who shop the ReStore.

“I like seeing customers purchase things that make their lives easier,” said Robert. “I get a feeling of accomplishment when I know what I do makes a difference in their lives.”

Robert shared that he has made many good “Habitat friends” with the staff who work hard picking up the donations. New Orleans Habitat greatly appreciates all of its donors in whatever way they decide to give. When you support New Orleans Habitat, you are part of something really special: a community committed to building safe, affordable housing for hard-working families in the New Orleans area.