ReStore Customer Project: Used Table Top to Beautiful Kitchen Island!

Recently we received a very exciting e-mail from one of our customers who came in a while ago and bought a table top. That table top is now a beautiful new island in her kitchen surrounding her stove top! This was one step in the remodeling of her kitchen. We thought we’d share with you all some pictures from the process for inspiration. Thanks Emily for sharing your work with us!!

Of course, we always have an abundance of tables and other materials that work for DIY projects like these in the ReStore. Buying from the ReStore can make your renovations so much more affordable!

So, here’s what she started with, her ReStore purchase and a saw:


And the original stove top, found on Craigslist:


First, she cut it using a saw to fit around her stove:

Then with a little work on the finish, and to secure it in place, here is the beautiful finished product:

Have your own ReStore projects? We would LOVE to see them–take pictures and send them in! Email us here