Partner Family Profile: Kim Landry

Kim Landry

For Kim Landry, the idea of staying put is a new one. Ever since she graduated from St. Bernard High School in 2000, she’s been on the road more often than she’s been off it. She and her sons Zyon (13) and Zen (11) have lived in apartments, on a bus, in a van, on couches. Wherever she wandered, though, New Orleans always called her home.

In the past Kim supported herself as a waitress and by making handmade soaps and jewelry, but in 2009 she found her calling as a doula. She has owned her own doula business, Full Moon Rising Birthing Services, since 2010 and is working toward becoming a practicing homebirth midwife.

Work on Kim’s home is well underway, the walls having been raised by Gap volunteers in October. She chose a quiet, tree-lined lot tucked away in the St. Roch neighborhood. According to Kim, both boys are really excited to have their own rooms.

In speaking of her experience as a partner, Kim says, “I can’t thank NOAHH enough for this opportunity to be a homeowner. I certainly did not see this in my future 13 years ago. It’s a good feeling to know that I will be able to extend my roots to my children and my future grandchildren in the city that I love.”

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