Partner Family Profile: Amy and Joseph Washington

amy and joseph

Amy and Joseph Washington met in Winn Dixie. It was March of 2013. He was a cashier, and she was a shopper. What began as a friendship quickly blossomed into love, and they tied the knot in December of 2014, on 12/13/14—an anniversary, Amy jokes, Joe should never forget. She says they’ve gone through their share of hard times, but it has only made them stronger as a couple.

The newlyweds settled into a one-bedroom apartment early in 2015, but soon learned that their family was about to grow. With their first child on the way, the Washingtons decided it was time for a home of their own, and Amy’s mother suggested they look into NOAHH’s homeownership program. After being approved as partners, Amy and Joe completed their first hundred hours of sweat equity and chose their lot in New Orleans East right around the time they welcomed their son, Joseph Matthew Washington II, into the world. They’ve got quite a year ahead—adjusting to parenthood and working toward home ownership—but they know the work is worth it. When they move into their new home they will join the ranks of an already-sizeable community of NOAHH partner families on America Street.

Amy says, “The process was quick and easy for us. Habitat does more than building houses. It teaches us how to work with others and build a safe community. This was the best decision we made for our family.”

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