NOAHH Thanks Lambeth House for Partnership and Support

Over the course of the last year, NOAHH has formed a bountiful partnership with Lambeth House, who lay claim to the title “New Orleans’ premier retirement living community.”  Since NOAHH reached out to Lambeth House, they have provided NOAHH’s ReStore with an estimated $30,000 in donated merchandise over the course of more than 20 donations. What started out as a mutually beneficial series of moderate donations has grown, with careful nurturing and enthusiasm on both sides, into a lasting and significant partnership.

“The support Lambeth House has given us is phenomenal,” said Jim Pate, executive director of NOAHH. “And that support continues to grow. They have gone from donors to true partners since we began working with them.”

Recently, Lambeth House-affiliated St. Anna’a Residence has begun the process of transferring to Lambeth House’s expanded facilities, and thanks to their generosity, much of St. Anna’s office materials compose the largest donation from Lambeth House yet. As they have expanded and renovated their offices, Lambeth House and St. Anna’s have sent NOAHH everything from columns to cabinets, from light fixtures to office furniture.

Outside of their efforts with the expansion of their grounds, they continued to find opportunities to give. As their residents occasionally choose to adjust their living accommodations to a better fit, they send refrigerators, stoves, dishwashers, microwaves, and televisions to the ReStore from their old apartments.


When the ReStore received a particularly large donation, three residents volunteered their time to help organize, price, and merchandise several truckloads of materials. Furthermore, Lambeth House’s partners and residents have made donations of their own, and the generosity keeps spreading. One of their long-term partners, a moving company called Big Dog Moving, has begun connecting his other partners with NOAHH! When one of their clients has furniture or other materials they don’t need, they often help their clients by offering to bring it to the ReStore.

Lambeth House is an uptown New Orleans nonprofit retirement community that seeks to provide a different sort of experience, one more attuned to the culture and lifestyle of New Orleans. They provide residences and supportive living services as well as diverse and enriching opportunities for entertainment and other cultural experiences.