NOAHH Hosts Second Art Show at ReStore

Art Show
For the second time this year, NOAHH hosted an art show featuring work by local students. Partnering with St. Martin’s Episcopal School and Louise S. McGehee School, NOAHH turned the front of our ReStore into a small art gallery for the night. Student artists and their parents attended along with members of the public, enjoying music from the Newman Jazz Band, food from Pigeon Catering, and, of course, the work of the students. Our thanks go to everyone who contributed to the event!

All proceeds from the sale of the art was shared between NOAHH and the students, and a raffle was held for a commissioned painting and teaching session from local artist and educator Victoria Anne Snell. The total value of the prize was $3,500! Our congratulations to the winner, Carl Butler!

For a look at all of the art displayed, click over to our invitation page.

Art Show Band
The art events are part of NOAHH’s ever expanding dedication to the New Orleans area.

“As with Musicians’ Village, where the goal was to preserve the musical heritage of the city in future generations, these art shows are part of how NOAHH hopes to support the creativity and passion of New Orleans’ youth,” said Jim Pate, executive director of NOAHH. “We’re proud to be providing opportunities to showcase the work of these students.”