NOAHH and Vintage Tech Team Up to Recycle Tons of Electronics

elec recycling

NOAHH teamed up with Vintage Tech and LG Electronics this fall to gather 29 tons of electronics from locals looking for a responsible way to get rid of their old devices and a chance for some great deals at the ReStore. In all, hundreds of devices were gathered, with every donor getting a coupon for 10% off at the ReStore for the day.

The community brought in 6,807 lbs. of computers, 12,295 lbs. of monitors, 6,017 lbs. of printers, 26,105 lbs. of televisions, and another 6,807 lbs. of miscellaneous electronic materials, for a total of 58,031 lbs. of recyclable electronics.

According to LG Electronics USA, by recycling old electronic products, useful materials such as glass, plastic and metal can be re-used in the manufacture of other products. Recycling electronics minimizes the amount of hazardous waste in the landfills and the extraction of new raw materials from the earth. Equally significant, replacing older TVs and computer monitors with new ENERGY STAR® qualified models helps consumers save energy and money while saving the planet.

By providing this opportunity for locals to get rid of old, outdated technology in a safe and responsible manner, NOAHH is continuing its commitment to improving the communities around New Orleans. Like our HUG Initiative, which provides green space for community gardens, and our ABWK program, which helps homeowners maintain their homes and fight blight, this event was part of NOAHH’s mission to make safe neighborhoods and clean communities a fundamental part of the New Orleans area. Building safe, affordable housing is only the start of what we can do to achieve our mission.”