New Homes Reflect the Building of Community

Claudius Miller, Jr., in his youth, went to church not far from where his new home sits. Lakeisha Bell’s children go to school just down the street from where hers is located. Like many NOAHH homeowners, they chose the location of their new homes for many reasons, but a major part of any decision about a new home is a sense of community. Their new homes are located in neighborhoods they knew and near places that are important parts of their lives. Their new homes reflect an important part of NOAHH’s homeownership program, specifically the ownership part.

Owning a home has been shown, time and again, to cause residents to become more involved in their communities, to work together with their neighbors to keep their neighborhood safe and welcoming. In choosing to live near his church, Claudius Miller chose a place he already had a deep connection with, and in choosing a place near her children’s school, Lakeisha Bell chose a place where she could be more active in their activities, allowing her a better chance to connect with other families in the area. At Claudius’s dedication ceremony, his pastor came to bless his home, and at Lakeisha’s, her children shared the spotlight with her, showcasing the role their community has in their lives.

NOAHH congratulates Claudius and Lakeisha on their achievements!