Meet the Cotton Family


David and Joan Cotton moved into their home in Central City in 1968, having bought it through a Homestead Guaranty Company. They fell in love with the design and location of the house. There, they raised their children and grandchildren, and David worked as an art teacher until he retired. He still spends time on his porch, painting at least twice a week.

In 2005, Hurricane Katrina brought over 15 feet of water into their home. David slept in the attic for two nights before rescue workers could reach him. Joan suffered a stoke that limited her mobility after the storm, and repairing the home they had loved for over 40 years proved difficult.

Your support changed that. Through our A Brush With Kindness program, the Cotton family is now able to live in their home, with the porches repaired where David can paint and new handrails added to help Joan come and go.

With your support, families like the Cottons can remain in the homes and communities they’ve loved their whole lives.

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