Matching Values: Bart’s Office Moving’s ReStore Partnership

Ashley Hebert has likely donated enough over the years to have filled multiple ReStores many times over. As the Chief Operating Officer at Bart’s Office Moving, she is responsible for coordinating donations not just from Bart’s directly, but also from many of their clients.

Bart’s commitment to the community is reflected in the ReStore’s mission, and their commitment to environmental sustainability is reflected in the store itself. By selling donated furniture, appliances, building materials, and more, the ReStore keeps over a million cubic yards of material out of landfills every year, and everything sold at the store raises funds for NOAHH’s mission. “The ReStore is an easy, convenient resource to re-distribute many items that are still in good shape and can be useful to someone,” Ashley said. “The ReStore helps us maintain our Green Initiatives even in a time crunch!”

Ashley and the team at Bart’s worked with NOAHH on Women Build and as supporters of the ReStore for years. They make use of the ReStore’s free donation pickup service regularly, but they’ve also been known to deliver directly.

“Whenever I schedule a delivery or show up last minute with a truck full of furniture, the crew at the ReStore is always accommodating,” Ashley said. “They help us unload, and usually take more than they can fit. This is great for Bart’s because we hate to dispose of anything that still has life and can be useful to someone.”

They are looking forward to the Grand Opening for our Kenner location in January 2019, which will mark the beginning of a new phase of their partnership, with the two locations making it easier for them to donate and creating opportunities for the ReStore, for Bart’s, and for new community partners.

“I can’t wait to fill up the Kenner location, too. I hope it’s huge,” said Ashley.