Live Loud: Sixthman Cruise Volunteers

When you think of friends heading out on a cruise, you might imagine lots of cocktails, new cities, sightseeing and having all the fun, right? In January 2018 we had a group of passengers on Sixthman Cruises who would prove you wrong. They decided before they sailed out of New Orleans that they wanted to give back. Why not come to town a day early and meet other passengers while swinging hammers and having a different kind of fun?

Lauraine Frank, Sixthman Ambassador, said, “Sixthman’s motto is Live Loud, but we also GIVE Loud; giving back to philanthropic causes is an important part of our culture. We strive to ‘party for a purpose’ and make a positive impact while creating incredible vacation moments.”

This wasn’t Sixthman’s first time giving back to rebuilding efforts. They had planned to sail from New Orleans in September 2005, but those plans changed. They teamed together with artists and passengers to host a fundraising event that raised $55,000 for Hurricane Katrina Relief. Their story is already part of our story.

On a January day in 2018, NOAHH welcomed 50 volunteers and staff from Sixthman to Hermes Street in New Orleans East. Immediately upon meeting this group, we knew it’d be a fun day. From new acquaintances and long lost friends to family and fellow music lovers, this group was ready to work. They spent their afternoon in the New Orleans East neighborhood where NOAHH has completed many homes over the years. They painted and framed homes, met homeowners, and built floor systems. At the end of the day, they were tired, but they saw the impact they had made on our community.

A few days later, when they were all aboard the cruise, enjoying vacation and relaxing, Lauraine said, “There was visible pride among this tight-knit group of 50 out of 2,200 guests. It was clear throughout our five days at sea, as they high-fived passing each other on the ship, became new fast friends, and shared photos and stories when they returned home. Any time we can make a positive impact in a port city, we are happy to do so and it was such a pleasure working with the team at Habitat!”