LEO Pharma’s Volunteer Day Had All Hands on Deck


A staggering 200 volunteers with LEO Pharma spent Wednesday serving on 4 different NOAHH work sites in New Orleans East.

LEO Pharma is a leading pharmaceutical company based out of New Jersey, but many of the representatives volunteering on site hailed from across the country. Brought to New Orleans for a conference, they chose to spend their Wednesday evening building with NOAHH.

With the large number volunteers, LEO Pharma completed several projects on each work site. The crews painted each home, paved one driveway, and much more. The various employees painted, framed, and sided homes and dug foundations for houses yet to be built.

Despite the heat and humidity, the painting crew chatted about children over brushstrokes and discussed which colors they would want to paint their own homes, while those digging foundation got more of a workout—fortunately, the afternoon build found them in the waning hours of the September heat.

“Just to give you an idea on the impact you’ve made,” Director of Construction Scott Pointer said to the crowd of tired volunteers, “Seventy-five percent of the foundation was dug up. That saved the affiliate $3,000.”

NOAHH extends our gratitude to LEO Pharma for donating their time to join NOAHH on 4 of our work sites. Check out our video of the volunteers on site here.