Lafarge: A Timeline of Partnership


The international supplier of building materials has formed a lasting partnership with NOAHH.

March 2013

Brainstorming and coordination of efforts begin. For the next 11 months NOAHH and Lafarge work together to determine the best fit for partnership.

February 2014

Lafarge donates concrete for the foundation of a home in the Hollygrove neighborhood, a home their employees will help to build just one month later!

March 2014

Lafarge donates safety gear to the NOAHH team!

July 2014

Lafarge participates in a team-build volunteer day on site and makes a check presentation to NOAHH that will directly support construction of the home they are helping to build.


January 2015

Lafarge donates 4 concrete foundations for the 10th anniversary Build-a-Thon homes on America Street.

May 2015

Lafarge makes a cash donation to fund half of a house in honor of the 10th anniversary.

May 2016

Local Lafarge employees volunteer on site, constructing the floor system just a block away from the home they sponsored in 2015.

NOAHH extends special thanks to Lafarge for their support.

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